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Dogphora® is an online retailer of pet-food and other pet-related products that solves the problems that pet parents face of discovering the most incredible products to keep their dogs healthy and happy. The company offers established and emerging premium brands and its own high-quality proprietary products and services to dogs nationwide.

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Kaiya Bella


Dogphora was born out of love for an adorable and super-smart Maltichon, a cross between a Maltese and Bichon Frise, named Kaiya Bella. Kaiya is a little dog with an outgoing personality and an appetite for the spotlight. She lives to run, play and entertain and loves people, dogs, haute couture, eco-friendly products, modern design, belly rubs and afternoon naps. Due to the difficulty in finding an online store that offered the best possible products to keep Kaiya healthy and happy, Kaiya's dad Les Palmer set out to create a globally recognizable and trusted brand and the most amazing shopping experience for pet parents and their dogs. Dogphora was launched in 2020 in New York to achieve this goal.


Always staying one step ahead of the grooming pack, Dogphora has developed a line of innovative products infused with luxurious herbs and botanicals. This collection includes problem-solving grooming and pet care products that are enriched with all-natural ingredients for extraordinary results. From ultra-premium shampoo to a multi-correcting paw treatment system, Dogphora has everything to keep pets healthy and happy. Plus, it’s all made in the USA.
Dogphora Collection
Wag By Dogphora


Wag By Dogphora is the ultimate monthly subscription box for your furry friend. Each box comes with 2 bags of delicious treats with your dog’s name, 2 super fun and tail-wagging toys, and 1 personalized paw balm stick with your dog’s photo right on the container. The treats and the paw balm stick are all handcrafted in the USA with natural ingredients to keep your pup healthy, happy, and looking great. Plus, the unique theme and curated collection for every box is based on an exciting and funny video web series, that makes it super easy to understand the items you’re getting in your box and creates the most enjoyable experience for you and your pup.





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